CGear Sand-Free Drone Mat.


CGear's Patented dual layer Sand-Free technology has been used by the  to provide  sand and dust abatement solutions for helicopters when landing and taking off. The CGear Sand-Free patented Tactical Helimat is a light weight transportable Helipad  that is used by the military to solve the problem of sand and dust, known as Brown out. Now with The CGear Sand-Free Drone Mat you can use the same technology to protect your recreational drone or model helicopter from the harm caused by the sand and dust that the gets kicked up. Reinforced brass eyelets let you peg the mat out with the 4 pegs supplied, to create a secure sand and dust free landing zone.  Comes with a drawcord storage shoulder bag. Available in Orange and in 2 sizes. Specification X-Small Size: 92cm x 92cm Weight:460g Small Size:183cm x 183cm Weight: 1.4kg. Materials: Two layers - Knitted Polyethylene (PE)

Additional Information:

Colours Orange


  • Size: 92cm x 92cm
  • Weight: 460g


  • Size:1.83m x 1.83m
  • Weight:1.4kg


  • Two layers - Knitted Polyethylene (PE)


Care Simply hose or brush with clean water, use mild detergent for more stubborn marks

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