CGear Sand-Free Technology

Originally developed for military use in Australia as a deployable helimat to stop dirt, dust and debris from being kicked up by helicopter rotors when landing, the unique patented construction allows sand & dirt to fall through the mesh without coming back up, creating a sand, dirt & dust free environment. 

CGear Sand-Free does not necessarily have to replace your beach towel or picnic blanket. You can lay your towel in the middle of the CGear Sand-Free Rug or Mat creating a Sand-Free zone around you. Any particles kicked into your area will hit CGear Sand-Free first  and "sift through" instead of encroaching on your space.

Now rather than spending time waging an endless battlle against sand and dirt invading your space, you, your family and friends, can experience and enjoy the outdoors comfortably, with your food and personal effects protected from these once annoying particles.

What does CGear Sand Free bring to your outdoor experience?

The CGear Sand-Free Mat minimizes the sand, dirt and dust carried into your outdoor environment. Products currently on the market, including camping carpet or plastic ground sheet, leave you vulnerable to dirt, sand and dust kicked into and accumulating in you camping space. This mess is generally then carried into your tent or RV creating more mess and discomfort.

Tent MatSet the CGear Sand-Free Mat out where you plan to eat and socialise. The mat has D-Rings positioned around it to firmly stake it to the ground. Replace your tired groundsheet or canvas with the innovative Sand-Free Mat . The dual layer weave is resilient and will cope with picnic chairs and tables placed on it, on firm ground. Lay a towel or blanket on top should you wish to lay directly on it, to add more comfort and it becomes a great beach mat too.

The CGear Sand-Free Rug utilises the same patented technology to deal with sand and dirt, but the attractive colourful flat woven pvc top layer is smoother, so more comfortable to lie on without a towel. The Sand-Free Rug is perfect for days on the beach, festivals and picnics. No more dancing on and off your beach mat in an attempt to get changed comfortably.

CGear Sand-Free Technology Some Key Features:

  • Patented construction's one way sift protects from the mess and discomfort of small particles.
  • Durable reslient materials.
  • Low maintenance, simpy brush or hose with clean water when necessary.
  • Sand-Free Mat has D-ring points so it can be secured to the ground.
  • Sand-Free Rug has softer top surface, making towel or blanket optional