About Us

Out-Right Gear is the official  Importer and Distributor of CGear Sand-Free Life in UK & Europe. We first discovered these great products in 2010, shortly after they were launched in the USA. It's not magic, (although after a full day on the beach without once having to shake out your beach mat, it can seem like it), but the combination of CGear Sand-Free's patented technology and gravity that keeps sand, dirt and dust at bay.

There is a comprehensive collection of CGear products using their patented Sand-Free Technology, whether you are look for a large ultra-durable Sand-Free Mat to use on the beach, camping or next to your motorhome or a lighter option like the Sandlite for sunbathing on the beach and summer picnics. Buy direct from Out-right.co.uk or one of our dealers in Europe.

Born of a love of the outdoors, travel and adventure and the great kit to make them more accessible and enjoyable, Out-Right Gear's aim is to track down unique innovative products that deliver tangible benefits to end-users. Whether that is improved performance, greater comfort and convenience or simply more fun, or all of these things 

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