About Us

Born of a love of the outdoors, travel and adventure and the great kit to make them more accessible and enjoyable, Out-Right Gear's aim is to track down unique innovative products that deliver tangible benefits to end-users. Whether that is improved performance, greater comfort and convenience or simply more fun, or all of these things 

Out-Right Gear only offers products it is closely involved with in some way, so knows intimately, has tested thoroughly and believes in totally. In some cases these items may not be widely available, at least initially, as we aim to source the latest or sometimes, overlooked innovation. 

Out-Right Gear Ltd is the Importer and Distributor of CGear Sand Free Technology. We first discovered these great products in 2010, shortly after they were launched in the USA. It's not magic, (although after a full day on the beach without once having to shake out your beach mat, it can seem like it), but the combination of CGear's patented technology and gravity that keeps sand, dirt and dust at bay.

Out-Right Gear Ltd has sole agency for Ryders Eyewear in the UK and is responsible for bringing this outstanding range of sports sunglasses to market here. Ryders Eyewear, based out of Vancouver's North Shore, creates and tests its sunglasses with and for athletes, as well as more casual users across multiple sports and activities. From our experience in this market we believe that Ryders Eyewear is unmatched in its variety of performance features, great fits, functional & fashionable styles.  Designs that work with no compromise in lens quality  - great gear you can afford to wear and really use. 

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