What is a CGear Sand-Free Mat and CGear Sand-Free Rug?
  • CGear Sand-Free is a dual layer dust abatement mat that stops Sand, Dirt & Dust transfer from outside to inside your tent, caravan or camper trailer. It is an all-round outdoor mat that can be used for picnics, beach, camping and watching sports providing you with a Sand, Dirt & Dust free outdoor experience. Easy to clean, wash with water!
What is the difference between the Mat and the Rug?
  • The MAT comes with D-Rings positioned around it to allow it to be firmly stake it to the ground. The Sand-Free Mat makes the ideal replacement for a plastic  groundsheet or canvas. MAT has a dual layer weave which is resilient and well suited to place picnic chairs and tables on a solid ground.
  • RUG comes in a colorful attractive pattern. RUG has a smooth top layer so is comfortable to touch and lay on directly. RUG comes in a 1 person, 2 person & 4 person and is well suited all round outdoor rug to palce in the back of the car to take to the beach, soccer games, picnics etc.
What Is CGear Sand-Free Mat made from?
  • MAT: High density polyethylene knitted mono/mono and fully bound all the way around the mat and peg pointed approx. every half meter.
  • RUG: Poly Vinyl Chloride top layer and High density polyethylene knitted mono/mono and fully bound bottom layer.
What if I rip the mat, is it repairable?
  • Yes, CGear Sand-Free Mat can be repaired with polyester thread.
Do I have to peg the MAT down to the ground?
  • Yes, the CGear Sand-Free Mat is peg pointed approx every half meter and is designed to be pegged for maximum efficiency.
Does it matter what side of mat is up?
  • MAT - is fully reversible so you have a choice of colour, and either side works just as effectively in providing a sand, dirt and dust free environment.
  • RUG - The softer patterned side of the Rug is the top side and must be place upwards.
Will camp furniture damage the mat?
  • All good camp furniture has leg protectors or loop legs to protect from damage. This may stretch the weave but will not greatly affect the overall performance of the CGear Sand-Free.
I have dog/dogs will their nails harm the mat?
  • No, the CGear Sand-Free is very robust.
What about mud and water?
  • Mud left on top of the CGear Sand-Free will dry out return to dust and dissipate through the mat back to the ground. Naturally water won't pool on the mat or rug.
What things can’t I do with my CGear Sand-Free?
  • You cannot loose lay CGear Sand-Free over hard surfaces i.e. concrete and other hard surfaces. DO NOT wear high heels on the CGear Sand-Free.
What if I rip or tear my mat will that weaken it?
  • CGear Sand-Free use rip-stop weave technology, so they won’t run or fray.
What if I accidentally pour petrol or oil on the mat or rug?
  • That’s ok, CGear Sand-Free are petro chemical friendly and won’t harm or melt the mat.
Will the mat kill the grass?
  • No, CGear Sand-Free breathes so it won’t kill the grass, and grass will grow through the CGear Sand-Free unlike tarps, carpet, and dome tent bases they will because the air can’t get to the ground and they sweat.
What if i pack the mat up when it’s wet?
  • CGear Sand-Free Mat is non porous and doesn’t absorb moisture and won’t mould or mildew like other products. Give the Mat a shake to get excess moisture off the CGear Sand-Free Mat, fold place CGear Sand-Free Mat in its bag then move on. All good campers will hang wet items out to dry properly when they get home.
Why doesn’t the sand rise to the top of the Mat?
  • This is due to the dual layers and the law of gravity. The sand and dirt won’t rise to the top of the CGear Sand-Free Mat or CGear Sand-Free Rug because the multiple layers create too much resistance, unlike single layer mats where there is no resistance so won’t stop sand and dirt transfer into the tent, caravan or camper trailer.
Does the mud rise through the Mat?
  • From our experience the mud tends not to rise through to the top of CGear Sand-Free Mat. [Ssee the previous question].
Will I still have to sweep when I go away and use it outdoors?
  • With the CGear Sand-Free Mat and CGear Sand-Free Rug, sweeping is kept to a minimum. Again the experience of one of our team, was the best trip yet 6 days without sweeping out the caravan, just occasional leaves and twigs to sweep off the Mat.
Can I use the CGear Sand-Free Mat over my trailer?
  • Yes, it will stop your load falling off, it won’t buff or flap around when your travel as the wind travels straight through the mat.
Can you wash the Mat or Rug?
  • Yes, you can hose it down, jet wash it and even use mild detergent.
What can I use the mat to wash my CGear Sand-Free Mat or Rug with?
  • Yes, you can use a hose and a mild detergent. For the more stubborn stains, we recommend you use a high pressure wash, it won’t harm the CGear Sand-Free Mat or Rug.
Does the sand and dust get caught between the layers?
  • No, if the dust, dirt or sand particles fall through the top layer of the CGear Sand-Free Mat or CGear Sand-Free Rug, they will fall through the second layer onto the ground.
What not to drop on the CGear Sand-Free Mat or CGear Sand-Free Rug?
  • Do not drop any liquid that contains acid tone (e.g. Nail polish) as it will place a hole in the material, but won’t fray as it has rip stop technology.