CGear Sand-Free R.V. Mat


Like the CGear Sand-Free Mat, the R.V. Mat minimizes the sand, dirt and dust carried into your outdoor environment. The R.V Mat is the same construction as the the regular Mat but these large mats are rectangular (instead of square), so are better suited to setting out alongside your motorhome or caravan. Products currently on the market, including camping carpet or plastic ground sheet, leave you vulnerable to dirt, sand and dust kicked into and accumulating in your camping space. This mess is generally then carried into your tent or R.V., creating more mess and discomfort.  The mat has D-Rings positioned around it to firmly stake it to the ground.  The dual layer weave is resilient and will cope with picnic chairs and tables placed on it, on solid ground and the multi-weave structure allows light and air to pass through it so won't kill the grass. Of course also still makes a great beach mat too especially as a base for large groups . Pegged out on the campsite or used on the beach the Mat protects you from irritating dirt and sand. Available in Blue/Green and Supplied in a multi-weave bag

Additional Information:

Colour Blue/Green 


  • Size: 3.35m x 2.44m
  • Weight: 2.92kg


  • Size: 4.27m x 2.44m
  • Weight: 3.62kg


  • Size: 6.10m x 2.44m
  • Weight: 5..20kg
Care Simply hose or brush with clean water, use mild detergent for more stubborn marks

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