Sand-Free Tote


Usually after a trip to the beach you return home to find that a quarter of the sand from the shore has made its way home with you in the bottom of your beach bag, But, the days of tracking sand into the car and your home are no more with the creation of the CGear Sand-Free Tote Bag.

CGear Sand-Free's unique patented weave is a "one-way sift" ensuring sand, dirt & dust will fall through to the ground below however particles underneath do not penetrate, creating a SAND-FREE experience. This unique benefit is used by militaries around the world.

Available in Blue Plaid, the CGear Sand-Free Tote Bag measures 38cm high, 43cm wide and 19cm inches deep. A durable tote for the beach or any outdoor activity, the bag is built with sturdy construction including a heavy-duty strap and handle, and reinforced box stitch seams. Also features and internal pocket to keep smaller items secure.

Additional Information:

Colour Blue Plaid

One Size  (Price held at £ 19.99)

  • H 38cm x L 43cm x D 19cm
  • Weight 475gm
Care Simply rinse or wipe with clean water, use mild detergent for more stubborn marks

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